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3D Printing Technology for Water Treatment Applications

Jitendra Kumar Pandey, Suvendu Manna, Ravi Kumar Patel, B0BL79R8QK, 0323998615, 9780323998611, 978-0323998611, 9780323914192, 978-0323914192

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English | 2022 | PDF

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3D Printing Technology for Water Treatment Applications provides a state-of-the-art presentation on the application of 3D  printing technology in water treatment. The book discusses numerous  processes and their scope for improvement through the use of 3D-printing  technology, including pollutant separation from water and an overview  of the advantages and disadvantages of different 3D printed technology  over current technologies. In addition, the future outlook for device  development using 3D printing water purification is explored. Finally,  sustainability issues relating to 3D printing-based water purification  processes are discussed, describing specific technologies such as 3D  printed membranes. 

This book will serve as a vital  resource for scientists, engineers and environmental professionals  working in water treatment technologies.

  • Takes an in-depth look at state-of-the-art water treatment methods
  • Includes  discussion of the application of 3D printed devices in areas such as  water treatment, resource recovery and toxic ion removal
  • Looks at current developments in the integration of adsorption technology with 3D printing technology