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Advances in Combustion Technology

Debi Prasad Mishra, B0BDBG8CVV, 036750152X, 9780367501525, 9781000726060, 9781000726084, 9780367501563, 9781003049005, 780-367501525, 978-1000726060, 978-1000726084, 978-0367501563, 978-1003049005

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English | 2022 | PDF

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This  edited volume on combustion technology covers recent developments and  provides a broad perspective of the key challenges in this emerging  field. Divided into two sections, the first one covers micro-combustion  systems, hydrogen combustors, combustion systems for gas turbines and IC  engines, coal combustors for power plants and gasifier systems. The  second section focusses on combustion systems pertaining to aerospace  including supersonic combustors, rocket engines and gel propellant  combustion. Issues related to energy producing devices in power  generation, process industries and aerospace vehicles and efficient and  eco-friendly combustion technologies are also explained.


  • Provides comprehensive coverage of recent advances in combustion technology
  • Explains definite concepts about the design and development in combustion systems
  • Captures  developments relevant for the aerospace area including gel propellant,  aluminium-based propellants, gasification and gas turbines
  • Aims to introduce the combustion system in different industries
  • Expounds novel combustion systems with reference to pertinent renewable technologies

This  book is aimed at researchers and graduate students in chemical,  mechanical and aerospace engineering, energy and environmental  engineering, and thermal engineering. This book is also aimed at  practicing engineers and decision makers in industry and research labs,  and petroleum utilization.