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Applied Anatomy for Clinical Procedures at a Glance

Jane Sturgess, Francesca Crawley, Ramez Kirollos, Kirsty Cattle, 1119054583, 9781119054580, 978-1119054580

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English | 2020 | EPUB, Converted PDF

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Applied Anatomy for Clinical Procedures at a Glance is a concise  resource combining high-quality images and step-by-step instructions to  provide expert guidance on the major core training pathways in medicine,  surgery and anaesthesia. Written by an experienced team of Foundation  Training programme directors and clinical skills examiners, this unique  revision and learning guide aligns with training pathways rather than  anatomical area to support Foundation doctors and core trainees master  these vital clinical procedures.

Succinct yet thorough  descriptions of each procedure include photographs of surface anatomy,  line diagrams of the anatomy, instructions on the procedural techniques,  and practical tips for performing the procedures safely whilst  minimising risks of complications. All major aspects of Foundation  procedures and Core training in applied anatomy are covered, including  catheterisation, ECGs, central venous cannulation, basic suturing and  anastomotic techniques, endotracheal intubation, epidural injection and  spinal injection, defibrillation, and many others.
Helps Foundation  doctors and Core trainees apply their medical school knowledge in  clinical settings Explains the common anatomical pitfalls of invasive  clinical procedures Features practice questions on anatomy and clinical  aspects to aid in preparing for clinical skills examinations Includes  sections on aftercare and on specific equipment, including manometers  and underwater seals
Applied Anatomy for Clinical Procedures at a  Glance is ideal for Foundation doctors and Core trainees, as well as  medical students, physician’s assistants and surgical scrub  practitioners.