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Bioenergy Research: Evaluating Strategies for Commercialization and Sustainability

Neha Srivastava, Manish Srivastava | 1119772095, 978-1119772095, 9781119772095, B095FSF9J7

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Evaluates challenges and sustainable solutions associated with various biofuel technologies

Bioenergy Research offers an authoritative guide to recent developments in green bioenergy technologies that are currently available including: bioethanol, biobutanol, biomethanol, bio-oil, biohydrogen, biogas and biomethane. The authors provide in-depth analysis and discuss the commercial viability of the various technological advances in bioenergy. Comprehensive in scope, the book explores the environmental, practical and economic implications associated with a variety of bioenergy options. The book also considers the rollback of fossil fuels, the cost and their replacement as well as practical solutions for these issues.

This important resource:

•Presents up-to-date research and industrial developments for various bioenergy options

•Offers comparative evaluation of bioenergy technologies for commercial feasibility

•Reviews current challenges and sustainable solutions for a variety of biofuel technologies

•Contains a review of existing strategies for bioenergy production

Bioenergy Research is a valuable guide for academic researchers and industrial scientists working in the fields of biofuels and bioenergy, environmental science and technology, microbial technology, bioprocess engineering, and waste valorization.