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Cerebral Palsy: Perspective and Clinical Relation to Perinatal Complications/Events in Japan

Yoshio Matsuda, 9811922160, 9789811922169, 978-9811922169

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English | 2022 | PDF

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This edited book presents the latest information on epidemiology,  pathophysiology, diagnosis, therapy, and some current topics covering  all aspects of cerebral palsy. It offers a novel interpretation of a  group of lifelong movement disorders, which now is an accepted notion  that the causes of cerebral palsy are multifactorial rather than birth  asphyxia. The book is organized into three parts, and it begins with  illustrating the perspective of the disease. Then focuses on the  relationship between clinical features of perinatal complications/events  and cerebral palsy. The last part offers a hot topic of the prevention  and the latest therapy, such as hypothermia, neuroprotection, and stem  cell transfer. Since there is no cure for this congenital motor  disability of cerebral origin, effective strategies for primary  prevention are highly desirable. Effective strategies require an  understanding of causal pathways and the Editor wishes to disseminate  the experience and knowledge through this comprehensive volume to the  readers.

Cerebral Palsy - Perspective and Clinical  Relation to Perinatal Complications/Events is a valuable source for  clinicians, researchers, and medical staff who deal with the management  of pregnancy and delivery. It also attracts clinicians worldwide who are  interested in recent updates on this field.