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Climate Change and Agriculture: Perspectives, Sustainability and Resilience

Noureddine Benkeblia, 1119789753, 978-1119789758, 9781119789758, 9781119789765, 978-1119789765, 9781119789772, 978-1119789772, B0BJ15H63X

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English | 2022 | PDF

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Authoritative and comprehensive resource covering climate-smart agriculture with key insights into its implementation

Climate Change and Agriculture provides a complete overview of the development of sustainable  agroecosystems and cropping systems and details how to improve the  resilience of cultivated crops and cropping systems to the adverse  conditions of the climate, such as drought, increasing levels of carbon  dioxide, global warming, and many other secondary effects such as soils  fertility depletion, uncommon disease, and pests. Additionally, the text  suggests different agricultural practices to face the severity of  frequency of the natural events. 

Climate Change and Agriculture also delves into the different climate-resilient methods and  climate-smarter agriculture (CSA) for food production by building  healthier soils through different sustainable practices, redesigning  diverse agroecosystems, and developing new crop varieties, livestock  breeds, and farm practices. Insight into how modern technology has  affected the field, and how it may affect the field in the future, is  included. 

Other topics discussed in Climate Change and Agriculture include: 

  •  Climate change and agriculture (state of the art, challenges, and  perspectives), plus studies on crop yields and their extreme value  analysis over India
  •  Symbiosis for food security and sustainability in changing climate and  emerging issues related to conservation agriculture in Africa
  •  The role of periurban agriculture in sustainability and climate change,  with additional information on nutrient management in agro-ecosystems
  •  Soil fertility management and biofertilization in changing climate and  biochar mitigating abiotic stress-induced damages under changing climate

For academics and students; seed, fertilizer, and chemical producers; farmers and farming communities; and policy makers, Climate Change and Agriculture contains invaluable insights into the subject that are helpful in  understanding the current state of the field and preparing for potential  future developments.