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Day-by-Day Math Thinking Routines in Fourth Grade: 40 Weeks of Quick Prompts and Activities

Nicki Newton | 0367901706, 0367901749, 978-0367901707, 978-0367901745, 9780367901707, 9780367901745, B08PC117S4

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Day-by-Day Math Thinking Routines in Fourth Grade helps you provide students with a review of the foundational ideas in math, every day of the week! Based on the bestselling Daily Math Thinking Routines in Action, the book follows the simple premise that frequent, rigorous, engaging practice leads to mastery and retention of concepts, ideas, and skills. These worksheet-free, academically rigorous routines and prompts follow the grade level priority standards and include whole group, individual, and partner work. The book can be used with any math program, or for small groups, workstations, or homework.

Inside you will find:

•40 weeks of practice

•1 activity a day

•200 activities total

•Answer Key

For each week, the Anchor Routines cover these key areas: Monday: General Thinking Routines; Tuesday: Vocabulary; Wednesday: Place Value; Thursday: Fluency; and Friday: Problem Solving. Get your students’ math muscles moving with the easy-to-follow routines in this book!