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deWit's Medical-Surgical Nursing: Concepts & Practice

4th Edition, Holly K. Stromberg, 0323608442, 9780323640367, 9780323608442, 978-0323640367, 978-0323608442, B083QK58XC

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English | 2020 | PDF

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Get the solid foundation you need to pass the NCLEX-PN® exam and succeed in practice! deWit’s Medical-Surgical Nursing: Concepts and Practice, 4th Edition builds  on the fundamentals of nursing with complete coverage of adult  medical-surgical conditions, including roles, settings, health care  trends, and all body systems and their disorders. It provides special  attention to care of older adults, those with chronic illnesses, and  residents in long-term care settings. Written by nursing educator Holly  Stromberg, deWit’s Medical-Surgical Nursing makes exam prep easier with NCLEX-PN® review questions, and reflects national LPN/LVN standards with an emphasis on evidence-based practice and patient safety.

  • Safety alerts emphasize safety precautions to protect patients, family, health care  providers, and the public from accidents, spread of disease, and  medication-related accidents.
  • Older Adult Care Points address the unique care issues of gerontologic nursing, and describe assessment and interventions for long-term care patients.
  • Nursing care plans show plans of care based on patient history, including patient goals  and outcomes, with critical thinking questions allowing you to assess  your understanding of nursing care concepts.
  • Assignment Considerationscover  task delegation from the RN to the LPN/LVN and from the LPN/LVN to  unlicensed assistive personnel, as allowed by each state’s nurse  practice act.
  • Get Ready for the NCLEX® Examination! section at the end of each chapter covers key points and includes review  questions to help you prepare for class tests and the NCLEX-PN  examination. 
  • Focused Assessment boxes show how to collect patient data, including history, physical, and psychosocial assessment.
  • Home Care Considerations focus on adapting medical-surgical nursing care to the home environment after discharge. 
  • Cultural Considerationspromote understanding of various ethnic groups and sensitivity to differing beliefs and practices. 
  • Communication boxes help in developing therapeutic communication skills in realistic patient care situations.
  • Patient Teaching boxes provide instructions and guidelines for educating patients on post-hospital care. 
  • Legal and Ethical Considerations describe legal issues and ethical dilemmas that may face the practicing nurse.
  • Think Criticallyencourages you to synthesize information and apply concepts to practice. 
  • Nutrition Considerations emphasize the role nutrition plays in disease and nursing care.
  • Medication tables provide quick access to dosages and side effects of commonly used medications.
  • Key terms include  phonetic pronunciations and text page references, making learning  easier with terms listed at the beginning of each chapter, appearing in  blue at first mention or where defined in the text, and defined in the  glossary.