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Diet and Fitness: Practical guide to nutrition for body recomposition

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What will you find in this book?

A practical guide to nutrition for those who wants to understand how weight loss works or want to understand how to increase muscle mass

Macronutrients and their energetic role

Know the role of macronutrients sunch protein, carbohydrates and fats and how they act in body recomposition.

Examples of diets.

You will find many examples of food plans at different levels of kilocalories.

Body Recomposition

Understanding what it is and how it is obtained.

Measurement and body indices

Use measurements and indices to track your path.

Food diary

How to keep a food diary and what it is for.

Training protocols

12 weeks of training for body recomposition with a view to weight loss.

Some topics covered

How energy systems work.

Understanding kilocalories and their role.

Energy balance.

Food categories.

Macronutrients, Micronutrients, Supplements.

Food diary.

Measurements and indices.

Food plan.

Practical examples of diet.

Understanding body recomposition.

Training protocols.

Food tables.

Who is this book for

A practical guide to nutrition for those who want to understand how weight loss or muscle mass gain works. You will find useful and scientific information on everything you need to set the change in your physique or that of your customers.

Personal Trainer

Understanding which steps to follow to set up a body recomposition from the diet point of view.

For those who want to lose weight

Know the role of macronutrients, calories, how to build a food plan

For those who want to gain muscle mass

Understanding macros, the role of the TDEE, setting a power supply for the scientific mass. 12 weeks of training

For those who want to understand body recomposition in its diet aspect

All the fundamental concepts to set up body recomposition and understand the role of variables in action.

The Author

Andrea Raimondi is a certified Personal Trainer, specialized in slimming and body recomposition.

Writer of books on fitness and body recomposition such as "Natural Bodybuilding and body recomposition" and "12 Months Workouts".