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Dynamic Magma Evolution

Francesco Vetere | 1119521130, 978-1119521136, 9781119521136, B08MWXL955

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Understanding the magmatic processes responsible for the chemical and textural signatures of volcanic products and igneous rocks is crucial for monitoring, forecasting, and mitigating the impacts of volcanic activity.

Dynamic Magma Evolution is a compilation of recent geochemical, petrological, physical, and thermodynamic studies. It combines field research, experimental results, theoretical approaches, unconventional and novel techniques, and computational modeling to present the latest developments in the field.

Volume highlights include:

•Crystallization and degassing processes in magmatic environments

•Bubble and mineral nucleation and growth induced by cooling and decompression

•Kinetic processes during magma ascent to the surface

•Magma mixing, mingling, and recharge dynamics

•Geo-speedometer measurement of volcanic events

•Changes in magma rheology induced by mineral and volatile content

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