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Endocrine Emergencies: Recognition and Treatment

Lynn Loriaux, Chaim Vanek | 030674541, 978-3030674540, 9783030674540, B08ZLDXF7Z

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Medical emergencies due to disorders of the endocrine system represent a unique category of clinical care. Hypotension, fever, palpitations, confusion, and electrolyte abnormalities are all signs of disparate endocrine emergencies that require immediate diagnoses and treatment. Recognition of endocrine emergencies will frequently lead to rapid improvement and stabilization of the patient.

Now in a revised and expanded second edition including the latest clinical guidelines and protocols, Endocrine Emergencies serves as a handy single reference for any endocrinologist, internist, hospitalist, and emergency medicine physician to rapidly identify and initiate treatment. Topics covered include acute adrenal insufficiency, diabetic ketoacidosis, thyroid storm, hyponatremia, and myxedema coma, among many others. Each chapter opens with a precis that provides, in a single page, a presentation of symptoms, workup, and therapy. This serves as a rapid, “off the shelf” cue to immediately begin a differential diagnoses and therapy plan. The remainder of each chapter is an in-depth review of the pathophysiology, diagnoses, and management of the disease process. Book chapters are written by experts in the field and reflect the consensus and standard of care for specific endocrine emergencies.

Updated with the latest clinical evidence and treatment options, Endocrine Emergencies remains a valuable resource for practitioners in endocrinology and internal medicine, as well as emergency room physicians, hospital support staff, fellows and residents.