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Essay Essentials with Readings

Rhonda Dynes, Sarah Norton, Brian Green, 0176721282, 0176798811, 0176831363, 9780176721282, 9780176798826, 9780176831363, 9780176798819, 9780176923471, 978-0176721282, 978-0176798826, 978-0176831363, 978-0176798819, 978-0176923471

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English | 2019 | PDF | 17 MB | 524 Pages

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Over  six editions, Essay Essentials with Readings has developed a loyal  following because of its reputation for being straightforward and  practical, providing students with the guidance and support they need to  develop their written communication skills. With a clean layout, clear  explanations, and opportunities to practise, Essay Essentials helps  students to be better writers in their post-secondary studies and equips  them with the skills they need to be successful in their career.  Available to be bundled with the textbook, our online MindTap digital  platform provides additional practice activities that are not found in  the text, for those who want to provide their students with even more  review opportunities. With Essay Essentials and MindTap, you can provide  your students with an engaging and interactive learning experience and  support their development of critical lifelong skills.