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Good Practice Guide: Professionalism at Work

Richard Brindley, 1859469582, 9781859469583, 978-1859469583

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English | 2022 | EPUB, Converted PDF

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Professionalism is not automatic with qualification. It is decided by  the manner in which you carry out your professional life – the conduct  and qualities that you bring to your role. In architecture, it is  founded on the principles of honesty, integrity and competence, and a  concern for the environment and others. As a trusted expert, it is  essential that you gain respect for your skills and knowledge while  maintaining veracity and transparency in your relationships and dealings  with clients, end users, design and construction professionals and the  wider public.

With a focus on professional judgement, this book  is a personal guide on how to be a self-aware and successful  practitioner, aspiring to best practice. It will give you the confidence  to create meaningful industry connections and handle contractual  disputes, insurance and negligence claims while maintaining a high  standard of conduct. By paying attention to business planning, financial  processes, good management and effective communication, it will help  you to protect your practice’s reputation and increase profitability and  cashflow. Ultimately, it will enable you to not only avoid professional  pitfalls but to benefit from positive working relationships.