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How Everything Can Collapse: A Manual for our Times

Pablo Servigne, Raphaël Stevens, 1509541381, 9781509541386, 978-1509541386

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English | 2020 | EPUB, Converted PDF

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What if our civilization were to collapse? Not many centuries into the  future, but in our own lifetimes? Most people recognize that we face  huge challenges today, from climate change and its potentially  catastrophic consequences to a plethora of socio-political problems, but  we find it hard to face up to the very real possibility that these  crises could produce a collapse of our entire civilization.  Yet we now  have a great deal of evidence to suggest that we are up against growing  systemic instabilities that pose a serious threat to the capacity of  human populations to maintain themselves in a sustainable environment.

In  this important book, Pablo Servigne and Raphaël Stevens confront these  issues head-on. They examine the scientific evidence and show how its  findings, often presented in a detached and abstract way, are connected  to people’s ordinary experiences – joining the dots, as it were, between  the Anthropocene and our everyday lives.  In so doing they provide a  valuable guide that will help everyone make sense of the new and  potentially catastrophic situation in which we now find ourselves.  Today, utopia has changed sides: it is the utopians who believe that  everything can continue as before, while realists put their energy into  making a transition and building local resilience. Collapse is the  horizon of our generation. But collapse is not the end – it’s the  beginning of our future. We will reinvent new ways of living in the  world and being attentive to ourselves, to other human beings and to all  our fellow creatures.