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Hybrid Learning Spaces

Einat Gil, Yishay Mor, Yannis Dimitriadis, Christian Köppe, 978-3-030-88520-5, 978-3-030-88519-9, B0BRZ23ZXG, 3030885224, 978-3030885229, 9783030885229, B09RTYSPTX, 3030885194, 978-3030885199, 9783030885199

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English | 2022 | PDF

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As we have come to accept the duality of physical and virtual learning spaces as a permanent feature of our educational landscape, we begin to question its validity. Is this really a dichotomy, or is it a continuum? Should this be the primary dimension around which we cluster educational experiences - how does it intersect and interact with other axes, such as formal-informal, vocational-recreational, open-closed, teacher-student? How do we adapt, as teachers, learners, designers, policy makers, to this changing landscape? How do we shape it to offer an optimal learning experience? Such questions led us to conduct a series of academic and professional events on the theme of Hybrid Learning Spaces (HLS) - spaces which challenge and defy the dichotomies above. This edited book collates some of the products of that endeavor, offering a multi-vocal, interdisciplinary approach to hybridity in education. It connects practical examples, design directives and theoretical analysis, combining perspectives from technology research and development, educational theory and practice, architecture and space and product design. This book addresses researchers, practitioners, innovators and policy makers in education, technology and design, offering broad perspectives and then distilling practical insights in the form of design principles and patterns, pedagogical models, and predictions of future trends.