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Integrated Flood Risk Management: Basic Concepts and the Japanese Experience

Kuniyoshi Takeuchi, 1032230738, 9781032230733, 9781000684681, 9781000684728, 9781032230740, 978-1032230733, 978-1000684681, 978-1000684728, 978-1032230740

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English | 2022 | PDF

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This  book tackles the question of how we can manage flood-related disaster  risks, such as from typhoons, monsoons, and torrential rain, which have  been intensified by climate change and have generated unprecedented  floods, landslides and debris flows worldwide. It presents recent  conceptual developments in disasters, risk and resilience, and surveys  UN policies on environment and development as well as disaster  management. 

Sustainable and resilient development  requires an integrated approach and human empowerment. Japan provides a  useful example of effective flood management and disaster recovery in  its current strategies for river and basin integrated flood management.  Very few English-language books present up-to-date Japanese experiences  for students and professionals in the context of global trends, relevant  to a time of climate change and with global application. 

• Outlines an integrated approach to flood risk management in the context of UN initiatives 

• Details Japanese good practice developed through culture and the needs of a changing society

Integrated  Flood Risk Management is ideal for professionals working for  environmental agencies, hydrologists and engineers, as well as students  of disaster management and water resources development.