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Internet Addiction

Kathryn Vercillo, 1440866066, 9781440866067, 978-1440866067

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English | 2020 | EPUB, Converted PDF

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All day, every day, we are connected to the internet, putting most  people at some level of risk for internet addiction. Problematic  internet use can take many forms, including overuse of social media and  addictions to online shopping, gaming, or pornography. Such behaviors  can cause anxiety, depression, sleep deprivation, loneliness, and  physical health problems. People can lose their jobs and families, and  in a few extreme cases, internet addiction has directly led to the death  of the addicted individual or a child in their care.

Internet  Addictionis the latest volume in Greenwood'sHealth and Medical Issues  Todayseries. Part I explores what internet addiction is, the many forms  it can take, and the serious consequences it can have. Part II examines a  number of controversies and issues, such as balancing the internet's  benefits against its addictive nature. Part III provides a variety of  useful materials, including case studies, a timeline of critical events,  and a directory of resources.