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Introduction to Ecological Psychology: A Lawful Approach to Perceiving, Acting, and Cognizing

Resources for Ecological Psychology Series, Julia J. C. Blau, Jeffrey B. Wagman, 0367703246, 0367703270, 978-0367703240, 9780367703240, 978-0367703271, 9780367703271, B0B4KPGZ1B

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English | 2023 | PDF | 15 MB | 341 Pages

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Introduction to Ecological Psychology is a highly accessible book that offers an overview of the fundamental  theoretical foundations of Ecological Psychology. The authors, Julia  J.C. Blau and Jeffrey B. Wagman, provide a broad coverage of the topic,  including discussion of perception-action as well as development,  cognition, social interaction, and application to real world problems.

Concepts  are presented in the book using a conversational writing style and  everyday examples that introduce novice readers to the problems of  perception and action and demonstrate the application of the ecological  approach theories to broader philosophical questions. Blau and Wagman  explain how ecological psychology might be pertinent to both classic and  newer issues in psychology. The authors move beyond the traditional  scope of the discipline to effectively illustrate concepts of dynamics,  evolution, self-organization, and physical intelligence in ecological  psychology.

This book is an essential guide to the  basics for students and professionals in ecological psychology,  sensation and perception, cognition, and development. It is also  indispensable reading for anyone interested in ecological and  developmental studies.