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Laboratory Manual for Geotechnical Characterization of Fine-Grained Soils

Alan J. Lutenegger, B0BCHQ3NYJ, 1032203455, 9781032203454, 9781000692396, 9781000696264, 978-1032203454, 978-1000692396, 978-1000696264

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English | 2022 | PDF

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This  manual presents procedures for performing advanced laboratory tests on  fine-grained soils. It covers characterization tests, which determine  soil composition and quantify the individual components of a soil, and  behavioral tests, such as the Atterberg Limits tests that demonstrate  how the fines fraction of a soil reacts when mixed with water and the  Linear Shrinkage Test that demonstrates how much a soil shrinks.

The  material goes beyond traditional evaluation of basic soil behavior by  presenting more advanced laboratory tests to characterize soil in more  detail. These tests provide detailed compositional characteristics which  identify subtle changes in conditions and vertical variations in the  soil, and which help to explain unusual behavior.

  • A unique compilation of information on key soil tests
  • Combines characterization tests with behavior tests

The book suits graduate students in geotechnical engineering, as well as practitioners and researchers.