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Materials for Advanced Heat Transfer Systems

S.J. Vijay, Brusly Solomon, Josua Meyer, 978-0-323-90498-8, 978-0-323-90499-5, 9780323904995, 032390498X, 978-0323904988, 9780323904988, B0BNL1R3B4

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English | 2023 | PDF

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Materials for Advanced Heat Transfer Systems presents the latest research and technologies developed for high-performance materials in heat transfer and cooling. The book compiles sought after research academics and industry experts need to adopt to solve common problems in critical areas of heat transfer and cooling to help advance the field further. A variety of methodologies are included to synthesize the material used, along with the correct procedures to follow to ensure appropriate and effective use. Various case studies are presented to help the reader further understand the benefits and challenges of the materials discussed.

Researchers, academics, students and engineers working on heat transfer systems will benefit from this interdisciplinary and applications-focused reference and be guided through various methodologies to make informed decisions based on the latest research and technologies available.