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Microwave and Wireless Synthesizers: Theory and Design

Ulrich L. Rohde, Enrico Rubiola, Jerry C. Whitaker | 978-1119666004, 9781119666004, B09218CM4B

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PDF 2021

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The new edition of the leading resource on designing digital frequency synthesizers from microwave and wireless applications, fully updated to reflect the most modern integrated circuits and semiconductors 

Microwave and Wireless Synthesizers: Theory and Design, Second Edition, remains the standard text on the subject by providing complete and up-to-date coverage of both practical and theoretical aspects of modern frequency synthesizers and their components. Featuring contributions from leading experts in the field, this classic volume describes loop fundamentals, noise and spurious responses, special loops, loop components, multiloop synthesizers, and more. Practical synthesizer examples illustrate the design of a high-performance hybrid synthesizer and performance measurement techniques―offering readers clear instruction on the various design steps and design rules. 

The second edition includes extensively revised content throughout, including a modern approach to dealing with the noise and spurious response of loops and updated material on digital signal processing and architectures. Reflecting today’s technology, new practical and validated examples cover a combination of analog and digital synthesizers and hybrid systems. Enhanced and expanded chapters discuss implementations of direct digital synthesis (DDS) architectures, the voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO), crystal and other high-Q based oscillators, arbitrary waveform generation, vector signal generation, and other current tools and techniques. Now requiring no additional literature to be useful, this comprehensive, one-stop resource:

•Provides a fully reviewed, updated, and enhanced presentation of microwave and wireless synthesizers 

•Presents a clear mathematical method for designing oscillators for best noise performance at both RF and microwave frequencies 

•Contains new illustrations, figures, diagrams, and examples 

•Includes extensive appendices to aid in calculating phase noise in free-running oscillators, designing VHF and UHF oscillators with CAD software, using state-of-the-art synthesizer chips, and generating millimeter wave frequencies using the delay line principle 

Containing numerous designs of proven circuits and more than 500 relevant citations from scientific journal and papers, Microwave and Wireless Synthesizers: Theory and Design, Second Edition, is a must-have reference for engineers working in the field of radio communication, and the perfect textbook for advanced electric.