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Multicultural Responsiveness in Counselling and Psychology: Working with Australian Populations

Vicki Hutton, Susan Sisko | 3030554260, 978-3030554262, 9783030554262, B08PCSL8XZ

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This textbook explores cultural responsiveness needed for working with diverse Australian communities in psychology and counselling settings, as well as in social science research. Key concepts essential for self-awareness and multicultural understanding are discussed in detail, encouraging readers to explore socialisation, discrimination and bias as well as effective principles for change. Topics covered include postcolonialism in relation to Indigenous Australians, racism, classism, sexism, cisgenderism and heterosexism, ageism, ableism, sizeism and religion. 

Over eleven chapters key concepts are discussed by experts in the field. Each topic covered includes a summary of relevant current affairs, followed by reflective essays from individuals sharing their own stories about their identities and experiences. Each chapter concludes with transformational learning activities to cultivate further insight, engagement and understanding of oppression and multicultural experiences.

This book will be a core resource for those completing tertiary psychology and counselling courses in Australia, and for those wishing to ensure their existing practice is up to date.