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Mushrooming: The Joy of the Quiet Hunt

An Illustrated Guide to the Fascinating, the Delicious, the Deadly and the Strange, Diane Borsato, Kelsey Oseid, 9781771623384, 9781771623377, 1771623381, 978-1771623384, 978-1771623377

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English | 2023 | EPUB, Converted PDF

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Foraging for wild mushrooms is an increasingly popular pursuit and this  beautifully produced volume--filled with insights, anecdotes and details  about more than 120 common and charismatic fungi from across the  northern hemisphere--will appeal to everyone from beginner mushroomers  to advanced mycophiles.

Mushrooming offers a new perspective on  the fascinating, edible, deadly and strange world of fungi, from candy  caps to earth stars, puff balls to poison pie, prized chanterelles,  morels, hedgehogs and the bloodless destroying angel. There are  mushrooms named after fairies and demons, little brown mushrooms that  are wildly hallucinogenic, phallic specimens prized as aphrodisiacs, and  mushrooms that are the colour of precious jewels. Some mushrooms look  so much like woodland birds they are shot at by hunters, and others,  incredibly, glow in the dark.

Walk along with award-winning  artist and educator Diane Borsato and illustrator Kelsey Oseid as they  inspire foragers at all levels to see the wondrousness of fungi wherever  they are: in the forest, the city park or the local market.

Learn how mushrooming can radically expand our perspectives, connect us to nature and quietly enrich our lives.