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Neuromuscular Fundamentals: How Our Musculature is Controlled

Nassir H. Sabah, 0367456923, 9780367456924, 978-0367456924

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English | 2020 | PDF

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This book is rather unique in its approach and coverage. The approach is  essentially that of an engineering textbook, emphasizing the  quantitative aspects and highlighting the fundamentals and basic  concepts involved. The coverage progresses in a logical and systematic  manner from the subcellular, starting with the electrophysiology of the  cell membrane, then proceeding to synapses, neurons, and muscle, before  considering neuronal motor ensembles and the neuromuscular system as a  whole. Simple, clear, and comprehensive explanations are given  throughout. After an introductory chapter on some background material in  biology, biophysics, and chemical kinetics, a substantial part of the  book (Chapters 2-8) necessarily covers in considerable detail the basic  components and processes that underlie the electrical and associated  activities of the nervous system. The remaining chapters of the book  (Chapters 9-13) focus on the neuromuscular system, starting with the  structure of muscle cells, the generation of force by muscular  contraction, and muscle receptors. The last chapter examines aspects of  the control of movement, motor learning and memory, the maintenance of  posture, and locomotion, and critically examines some of the theories  that have been advanced to explain how movement is controlled. The book  is intended for undergraduate or graduate students in the natural  sciences, mathematics, or engineering who seek a deeper understanding of  the fundamentals of neuroscience and the somatomotor system, in  accordance with the aforementioned objectives. The book can serve as a  textbook for a one-semester course on the neuromuscular system or as a  reference in a more general course on neuroscience.