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Objects of Authority: A Postformalist Aesthetics

Research in Aesthetics, Jakub Stejskal, 1032072091, 978-1032072098, 978-1032072098, 978-1032100500, 9781032100500, 978-1003213406, 9781003213406, B0B44CYDFY

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English | 2023 | PDF | 13 MB | 136 Pages

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Is  the celebrated elegance of Cycladic marble figurines an effect their  Early Bronze Age producers intended? Can one adequately appreciate an  Assyrian regal statue described by a cuneiform inscription as beautiful?  What to make of the apparent aesthetic richness of the traditional  cultures of Melanesia, which, however, engage in virtually no  recognizable aesthetic discourse? Questions such as these have been  formulated and discussed by scholars of remote cultures against the  backdrop of a general scepticism about the prospects of escaping the  conditioning of one’s own aesthetic culture and attuning to the norms of  a remote one. This book makes a radical move: it treats the remote  observers’ lack of aesthetic insight not as a hindrance to aesthetic  analysis, but as a condition requiring an aesthetic theory that would  make room for an aesthetic analysis independent of the model of  competent aesthetic judgement or appreciation. 

Objects of Authority  represents a rare effort at bringing together methods and concepts that  are often addressed by separate disciplines. It will appeal to scholars  and advanced students working on philosophical, art-historical, and  anthropological theories of visual art and material culture.