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Photovoltaics for Space: Key Issues, Missions and Alternative Technologies

Sheila Bailey, Aloysius F. Hepp, Dale Ferguson, Ryne Raffaelle, Steven Durbin, B0BKWDCBW4, 0128233001, 9780128233009, 9780128233016, 978-0128233009, 978-0128233016

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English | 2022 | PDF

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PV  has traditionally been used for electric power in space. Solar panels  on spacecraft are usually the sole source of power to run the sensors,  active heating and cooling, and communications. Photovoltaics for Space: Key Issues, Missions and Alternative Technologies provides  an overview of the challenges to efficiently produce solar power in  near-Earth space and beyond: the materials and device architectures that  have been developed to surmount these environmental and  mission-specific barriers. The book is organized in four sections  consisting of detailed introductory and background content as well as a  collection of in-depth space environment, materials processing,  technology, and mission overviews by international experts. This book  will detail how to design and optimize a space power system’s  performance for power-to-weight ratio, effectiveness at end of  operational life (EOL) compared to beginning of operational life (BOL),  and specific mission objectives and goals.

This book  outlines the knowledge required for practitioners and advanced students  interested in learning about the background, materials, devices,  environmental challenges, missions, and future for photovoltaics for  space exploration.

  • Provides an update to state-of-the-art and emerging solar cell technologies
  • Features comprehensive coverage of solar cells for space exploration and materials/device technology options available
  • Explains the extreme conditions and mission challenges to overcome when using photovoltaics in space