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Reframing Mergers and Acquisitions around Stakeholder Relationships: Economic, Political and Social Processes

Advances in Management and Business Studies, Simon Segal, James Guthrie, John Dumay, 1032207809, 2022002297, 2022002298, 978-1032207803, 9781032207803, 978-1032207810, 9781032207810, 978-1003265184, 9781003265184, B0B26RZZLF

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English | 2023 | PDF | 3 MB | 149 Pages

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Among  the significant repercussions of the coronavirus pandemic is escalating  public questioning of the desirability and sustainability of the market  economy and the societal role of business. These concerns are linked to  merger and acquisition (M&A) activity, with significant disruptive  consequences for stakeholder relationships and their management. This  book explores these changes, moving away from the traditional focus on  the financial and strategic aspects of M&A and its rational,  technocratic approach.

Viewing M&A activity as  economic, political, and social (EPS) processes, Segal provides a  dialectic understanding of stakeholder relationships around M&A  activity and challenges the view that M&A activity is static,  linear, and predictable. He develops a conceptual framework to enable  practitioners, researchers and policymakers to identify, understand and  address the stakeholder and management implications of M&A activity.  This is applied to four case studies that make explicit how complex  stakeholder relationships play out around M&A and how these power  dynamics were managed with different balances.

Useful  for academics, researchers, managers, advisors, investors, analysts,  and other stakeholders, this book highlights the need to understand the  EPS implications and processes involved around M&A.