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Risk Management Applications Used to Sustain Quality in Projects

Quality Management and Risk Series, Abdul Razzak Rumane, B0BDBVLPYW, 1032157712, 9781032157719, 9781000775426, 9781000775440, 978-1032157719, 978-1000775426, 978-1000775440

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English | 2022 | PDF

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This  practical guide covers the steps necessary to sustain quality in a  project from start to finish. The book shows how to identify risks at  different processes, phases, and stages and offers directions on how to  mitigate and reduce risks using analysis, evaluation, and monitoring.

Risk Management Applications Used to Sustain Quality in Projects: A Practical Guide focuses  on applying risk management principles to manage quality in all project  management processes, stages, and phases. The book discusses the  potential risks that may occur at the different phases of the project  life cycle, their effects on projects, and how to prevent them. It  explores all the process elements and activities of risk management and  provides steps on how to make the project more qualitative, competitive,  and economical. Risk management processes are discussed at each project  management processes and project lifecycle phase/stage to help the  reader understand how various risks can occur and how to mitigate and  reduce them.

The main audience for this book is  project management professionals, quality managers, systems engineers,  construction managers, and risk management professionals as well as  industrial engineers, academics, and students.