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Smart Multifunctional Nano-inks: Fundamentals and Emerging Applications

Micro and Nano Technologies, Ram K. Gupta, Tuan Anh Nguyen, B0BKWCJB3V, 0323911455, 9780323911450, 9780323984959, 978-0323911450, 978-0323984959

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English | 2022 | PDF

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Smart Multifunctional Nano-inks: Fundamentals and Emerging Applications covers nano-inks and how they can be used in inkjet printers for  printing complex circuitry on flexible substrates or as a paste for 3D  printers. Microstructures can be 3D-printed using nano-inks in a  combination of high-resolution plasma printing and subsequent  rotogravure printing. In addition, smart multifunctional nano-inks are  not only required for the electronic, but also in other applications,  such as for secure inks, for currency, and in immigration documents.  This book focuses on fundamental design concepts, promising  applications, and future challenges of nano-inks in various areas, such  as optoelectronics, energy, security and biomedical fields. 

The  current challenge for the successful industrial application of  nano-inks is in the preparation of a stable dispersion of advanced  materials for nano-inks. The functionalization, synthesizing, and  theoretical modeling provide the solution for most of the current  issues, but there are still remaining challenges which are covered in  this comprehensive resource.

  • Outlines the major nanomaterials used in the manufacture of smart nano-inks
  • Provides information on the major industrial applications of nano-inks
  • Assesses the major challenges of using nano-inks in a cost-effective way, and on an industrial scale