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Sport Injury Prevention Anatomy

David Potach, Erik Meira, 9781718208292, 2022002890, 2022002891, 9781718208285, 9781718208308, 1718208286, 978-1718208292, 978-1718208285, 978-1718208308

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English | 2022 | EPUB, Converted PDF

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Develop a body that can withstand the rigorous pressures of competitive  sport and physical activity! Sport Injury Prevention Anatomy offers you a  detailed look into some of the most common sport injury conditions and  the best exercises to help prevent their occurrence.

Throughout  the text, stunning full-color medical illustrations paired with the  latest sport injury science guide you in reducing the likelihood of an  injury before it happens.

Reduce the risk of common injuries like  ACL tears, shoulder instability, concussions, and strains of the  hamstring and low back. The book’s comprehensive coverage presents  injuries by body segments—beginning with the head and neck and  continuing all the way down through the lower leg and foot.

Sport  Injury Prevention Anatomy helps you design your own exercise programs  by exploring the key components of an injury prevention program: needs  analysis, exercise selection, training frequency, timing, and intensity  and volume. Focusing on resistance training as an ideal injury  prevention method, you’ll find sample programming templates as well as  advice on how to incorporate the various exercises into an existing  training plan. You’ll also learn the important role the warm-up plays in  injury prevention and discover methods to prime your body for optimal  performance.

No one wants to be sidelined by injury. Sport Injury  Prevention Anatomy provides you with the know-how to protect your body  from damage and stay in competitive form.