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Stimuli-Responsive Nanomedicine

Lin Zhu, 9814800708, 9789814800709, 978-9814800709

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English | 2020 | PDF

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The response to environmental and internal stimuli is one of the basic  characteristics of living organisms. Inspired by this natural strategy  and fast-developing nanotechnology and materials science,  stimuli-responsive nanomedicine has emerged as an active and important  field of nanomedicine. This book offers a fundamental and comprehensive  overview of stimuli-responsive nanomedicine and compiles and details the  recent cutting-edge findings and most impressive achievements in  biomedical applications, from a pharmaceutical science perspective,  making it the first book of its kind in this field. By providing readers  a broad and in-depth coverage of endogenous and exogenous stimuli as  well as their applicable nanomedicines, this book is valuable for  students, researchers, and educators in biomedical sciences or anyone  interested in this burgeoning field.