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Synthesis of Bionanomaterials for Biomedical Applications

Munir Ozturk, Arpita Roy, Rouf Ahmad Bhat, Fazilet Vardar Sukan, Fernanda Maria Maria Polic Policarpo Tonelli, 978-0-323-91195-5, 978-0-323-99843-7, 9780323998437, 0323911951, 978-0323911955, 9780323911955, B0BS9D3B9Y

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English | 2023 | PDF

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Synthesis of Bionanomaterials for Biomedical Applications summarizes a range of procedures, including green synthesis of metal nanoparticles, metal oxide nanoparticles, and other types of nanoparticles while also exploring the appropriate use of these nanoparticles in various therapeutic applications such as anticancer, antibacterial, antifungal, drug delivery, and more. The book provides important information for materials scientists and pharmaceutical scientists on the synthesis of various nanoparticles using a variety of eco-friendly bionanomaterials. As concern has arisen regarding the environmental impact caused by some of nanomaterials, as well as their possible toxicity to cells, this book presents information on a new generation of eco-friendly materials.

In addition, the green synthesis of nanoparticles shows how environmentally-friendly nanoparticles can be synthesized from different biological sources, such as microbes, fungi, algae and plants.