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Systemic Delivery Technologies in Anti-Aging Medicine: Methods and Applications

Wing-Fu Lai, 978-3030544898, 9783030544898

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English | 2020 | PDF

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This book presents a multidisciplinary assessment of the state of  science in the use of systemic delivery technologies to deliver  anti-aging therapeutics now under development. There is a gap between  basic aging research and the development of intervention technologies.  This major obstacle must be overcome before biogerontological  interventions can be put into clinical practice. As biogerontology comes  to understand aging as a systemic degenerative process, it is clear  that there is a pressing need for technologies that enable cells and  tissues in a fully developed adult body to be manipulated systemically  to combat aging. The authors review advances in the chemistry and  engineering of systemic delivery methods and analyze the strengths and  limitations of each.

The book is organized into six sections. The  first offers an overview of the need for systemic delivery technologies  alongside the development of anti-aging therapies and describes  approaches that will be required for studying the properties and  efficiency of carriers for systemic delivery. Sections II, III and IV  describe recent advances in a range of strategies that may enable  systemic delivery to help combat aging conditions ranging from cell  senescence to decline in immune function and hormonal secretion. Section  V discusses practical strategies to engineer and optimize the  performance of delivery technologies for applications in systemic  delivery, along with their working principles. The final section  discusses technical and biological barriers that must be overcome as  systemic delivery technologies move from research laboratory to clinical  applications aimed at tackling aging and age-associated diseases.
Benefiting  scholars, students and a broader audience of interested readers, the  book includes helpful glossary sections in each chapter, as well as  sidebars that highlight important notes, and questions for future  research.