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The Home Stretch: 23 Powerful At-Home Exercises to Improve Posture, Reduce Pain & Live Well

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They say sitting is the new smoking…

We are seeing more and more people transition to working from an office to working from home and many are finding that the comfort of being at home is not so comfortable…

Does this sound familiar? Joint stiffness after sitting at a desk? Tension headaches? Are you suffering from the dreaded “desk posture”? You know, rounded shoulders, slumped upper back, stiff hips...Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent, have transitioned to working from home or you’re a full-time student with your head stuck in the books and rooted to a chair, chances are this lifestyle is leaving you with stiff, locked up joints and sore muscles. If you’ve noticed that your posture has worsened in the last year, you’re not alone. Many people have reported that working from home has led to increased inactivity, fatigue, muscle tension and poor posture. Often you see the development of things such as sway back posture, upper cross syndrome, lower cross syndrome or changes in gait. Did you know people who stand with good posture report being happier and more confident? It’s no surprise as physical health is directly tied to mental health. When the body suffers, so does the mind. Inactivity, chronic pain and injury can lead to loss of energy, depression, anxiety and even memory loss.

The good news is, there is a solution…and that solution is a simple, yet highly effective at-home movement program.

One that is created using the scientific principles of program design and combines both mobilization and strengthening. This combination is KEY and is the basis of any injury prevention program. By stabilizing the joints and improving postural alignment, the body can move in a more biomechanically sound way. When this occurs, stress is taken off all the major regions in the body – the low back, hips, knees, neck and shoulders – common sites of pain and injury. Not only do you achieve better posture and confidence, but also better sleep, athletic performance, productivity and mood!

The Home Stretch will guide you through a series of carefully selected, full-body mobility drills and strengthening exercises designed to combat the countless hours spent behind a desk. With some yoga inspired movements, you will find that consistent practice will lead to a more relaxed body and state of mind. The majority of exercises are performed with only your bodyweight, along with some floor space and the willingness to do something your body (and future self) will thank you for.

Inside, you will discover ways to:

    Build a strong, resilient core.

    Take stress off the low back.

    Stabilize the knees and shoulders.

    Regain hip mobility.

    Decrease muscular tension.

    Increase overall flexibility.

    Feel good again! 

If you want to improve your fitness, improve your posture and reduce the likelihood of injury and chronic pain, The Home Stretch is what your body needs.