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The Non-Disclosing Patient: A Clinician's Guide

Alexander Lerman, 3030486133, 9783030486136, 978-3030486136

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English | 2020 | PDF

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This volume is to examine the phenomena of non-disclosure in its wide  ranging forms, study its properties, and to deepen the capacity of a  mental health professional --as well as all clinicians who provide  mental health counseling -- to detect and engage it across a range of  clinical settings. Unengaged, sustained DNDD represents an impasse that  is destructive to a clinician’s capacity to both understand and treat a  patient. Successfully engaged, on the other hand, DNDD offers a unique  perspective on in individuals anxieties, presuppositions, and mental  functioning. A clinician who is both aware that a patient is withholding  information, and comfortable with that awareness, may approach the  patient material while listening for both indications of non-disclosed  material and—critically—a growing awareness of psychopathology or other  motivational forces driving non-disclosure. Written by experts in this  area from both adult and child psychiatric specialties, this book is the  first to address the issue of DNDD and present clinical pearls for  addressing it. This text is a valuable resource for psychiatrists,  psychologists, addiction medicine specialists, family physicians, and a  wide array of clinicians treating patients who may struggle with  disclosure and integrity.