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Thermoplastic Polymer Composites: Processing, Properties, Performance, Applications and Recyclability

Sodagudi Francis Xavier, 1119865050, 978-1119865056, 9781119865056, 978-1119865537, 9781119865537, 9781119865520, 978-1119865520, B0BK2W3QG5

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English | 2022 | PDF

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The monograph represents a life-long career  in industry and academia and creates an exhaustive and comprehensive  narrative that gives a complete understanding of important and  state-of-the-art aspects of polymer composites including processing,  properties, performance, applications & recyclability.

Based  on 40 years’ experience in both industry and academia, the author’s  goal is to make a comprehensive and up-to-date account that gives a  complete understanding of various aspects of polymer composites covering  processing, properties, performance, applications & recyclability. 

Divided  into 8 main chapters, the book treats thermoplastics vs. thermosets and  the processing of thermoplastics; filled polymer composites; short  fiber reinforced composites; long fiber reinforced composites;  continuous fiber reinforced composites; nanocomposites; applications;  and recycling polymer composites. 

Readers can have confidence that: 

  • Thermoplastic Polymer Composites (TPC) gives a comprehensive understanding of polymer composites’ processing, properties, applications, and their recyclability;
  • Provides  a complete understanding of man-made as well as natural fiber  reinforced polymer (FRP) composites and explores in depth how short  fiber, long fiber, and continuous fiber can transform the entire domain  of composites’ processing and properties;
  • Provides  a deep understanding of nanocomposites with more than 50 examples  covering both commodities as well as engineering thermoplastics. It  presents conducting composites and several bio-medical applications of  composites that are already passed through laboratories.


This  unique reference book will be of great value to researchers and  postgraduate students in materials science, polymer science, as well  industry engineers in plastics manufacturing. Those working in product  development laboratories of polymer and allied industries will also find  it helpful.