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Thinking in Pandas: How to Use the Python Data Analysis Library the Right Way

Hannah Stepanek, 148425838X, 9781484258385, 978-1484258385

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English | 2020 | PDF

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Understand and implement big data analysis solutions in pandas with an  emphasis on performance. This book strengthens your intuition for  working with pandas, the Python data analysis library, by exploring its  underlying implementation and data structures.

Thinking in  Pandas introduces the topic of big data and demonstrates concepts by  looking at exciting and impactful projects that pandas helped to solve.  From there, you will learn to assess your own projects by size and type  to see if pandas is the appropriate library for your needs. Author  Hannah Stepanek explains how to load and normalize data in pandas  efficiently, and reviews some of the most commonly used loaders and  several of their most powerful options. You will then learn how to  access and transform data efficiently, what methods to avoid, and when  to employ more advanced performance techniques. You will also go over  basic data access and munging in pandas and the intuitive dictionary  syntax. Choosing the right DataFrame format, working with multi-level  DataFrames, and how pandas might be improved upon in the future are also  covered.

By the end of the book, you will have a solid  understanding of how the pandas library works under the hood. Get ready  to make confident decisions in your own projects by utilizing pandas―the  right way.

What You Will Learn
Understand  the underlying data structure of pandas and why it performs the way it  does under certain circumstancesDiscover how to use pandas to extract,  transform, and load data correctly with an emphasis on performanceChoose  the right DataFrame so that the data analysis is simple and  efficient.Improve performance of pandas operations with other Python  libraries

Who This Book Is  ForSoftware engineers with basic programming skills in Python keen on  using pandas for a big data analysis project. Python software developers  interested in big data.