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Tribology of Polymers, Polymer Composites, and Polymer Nanocomposites

Series on Tribology and Surface Engineering, Soney C. George, Jozef T. Haponiuk, Sabu Thomas, Rakesh Reghunath, Sarath P. S., B0BHW34526, 0323907482, 9780323907484, 9780323907491, 978-0323907484, 978-0323907491

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English | 2022 | PDF

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Tribology of Polymers, Polymer Composites, and Polymer Nanocomposites combines fundamental knowledge with the latest findings in the area of  polymer tribology. From testing of property-related mechanisms to  prediction of wear using artificial neural networks, the book explores  all relevant polymer types, including elastomers, epoxy-based, nylon,  and more while also discussing their different types of reinforcement,  such as particulates, short fibers, natural fibers, and beyond. New  developments in sustainable materials, environmental effects, nanoscaled  fillers, and self-lubrication are each discussed, as are applications  of these materials, guidelines for when to use certain polymer systems,  and functional groups of polymers. 

Experimental  methods and modeling and prediction techniques are also outlined. The  tribology of graphene-based, biodegradable, hybrid nanofiller/polymer  nanocomposites and other types of polymers is discussed at length.

  • Synthesizes the latest cutting-edge research in the tribological behaviors and applications of polymeric materials
  • Covers  all relevant polymer types and concepts, including elastomers and  natural fibers, different types of reinforcement materials, sustainable  materials, interfacial modifiers and the environmental effects of  self-lubrication
  • Outlines modeling techniques and how filler-matrix pairings and other approaches can control wear mechanisms