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دانلود کتاب آشپزی بدنسازی وگان: دستور العمل های حاوی پروتئین گیاهی بالا برای تقویت عضلات در بدنسازی، فیتنس و ورزش. ده ها وعده غذایی سالم برای داشتن اندامی قوی و سوخت رسانی به تمرینات شما

Vegan Bodybuilding Cookbook: Plant-Based High Protein Recipes for Building Muscle in Bodybuilding, Fitness and Sports. Dozens of Healthy Meals to Get A Strong Body and Fuel Your Workouts | Sarah Meyers | ISBN: 8608332203, 979-8608332203, B084GTZWHM

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Want to find out how to sculpt your body on a vegan diet?

Have you ever read about how you can increase your muscle mass by eating high-protein vegan foods?

Combining physical activity with a healthy high-protein vegan diet is now one of the best choices you can make if you want to shape your body.

There is a widespread belief among athletes and bodybuilders that the perfect body can only be built by eating animal protein, but it is largely ignored that many plant-based foods have a much higher protein load than animal foods.

Unfortunately, the long-term intake of animal protein can cause several problems in our body, such as bone, kidney and liver disease.

Now, if an athlete needs to consume a lot of protein to perform at his best, what could be better than assimilating plant proteins that drastically reduce the risks for our body?

You're about to find:

•Breakfast recipes

•Lunch recipes

•Dinner recipes

•Appetizers and side dishes recipes

…all explained step-by-step to allow you to perfectly match your physical activity with the high-protein vegan diet.

Whether you're a bodybuilder or an athlete, with this cookbook you'll find out how following a plant-based diet rich in vegetable protein will help you increase muscle mass and reduce fat mass, boost your speed, promote digestion and recovery after workouts and improve your performance not only in sport, but also in your daily activities.