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Water Worlds in the Solar System

Antony Joseph, 978-0-323-95717-5, 978-0-323-95718-2, 9780323957182, 032395717X, 978-0323957175, 9780323957175, B0BNDPCYWN

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English | 2023 | PDF

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Water Worlds in the Solar System: In Search of Habitable Environments and Life is a comprehensive reference on the formation, availability, habitability potential, and astrobiological implications of water in the Solar System. The book provides understanding of the importance of water on Earth to elucidate potential water and biosignature sources on other bodies in the Solar System. It covers processes involved in the formation of Earth and its Moon, genesis of water on those bodies, events on early Earth, and other processes that are applicable to celestial bodies in the Solar System, directly correlating data available on water on other bodies to over 15 Earth analogue sites.

This book forms a comprehensive overview on water in the Solar System, from formation to biosignature and habitability considerations. It is ideal for academics, researchers and students working in the field of planetary science, extraterrestrial water research and habitability potential.