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Without Compassion, There Is No Healthcare: Leading with Care in a Technological Age

Brian D. Hodges, 9780228004622, 9780228003762, 9780228003779, 9780228004615, 978-0228004622, 978-0228003762, 978-0228003779, 978-0228004615

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English | 2020 | EPUB, Converted PDF

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New technologies are transforming healthcare work and changing how  patients interact with healthcare providers. As artificial intelligence  systems, robotics, and data analytics become more sophisticated, some  clinical tasks will become obsolete and others will be reconfigured.  While it is not possible to predict these developments precisely, it is  important to understand their inevitability and to prepare for the  changes that lie ahead. Without Compassion, There Is No Healthcare  argues that compassion must be upheld as the bedrock and guiding purpose  of healthcare work. Emerging technologies have the potential to subvert  this purpose but also to enable and expand it, creating new conduits  for compassionate care. Cultivating these benefits and guarding against  potential threats will require vigilance and determination from  healthcare providers, educators, leaders, patients, and advocates. The  contributors to this book show the way forward, bringing a diverse range  of expertise to confront these challenges. Avoiding platitudes and  simple dichotomies, they examine what compassion in healthcare means and  how it can be practised, now and in the uncertain future. Without  Compassion, There Is No Healthcare is a call to action. Drawing together  a decade of evidence and insight generated by a community of leading  scholars and practitioners committed to promoting compassionate care, it  offers steady principles and practices to steer the way through times  of technological change.