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Zinc-Air Batteries: Introduction, Design Principles, and Emerging Technologies

Zongping Shao, Xiaomin Xu, 3527350462, 978-3527350469, 9783527350469, 9783527837915, 978-3527837915, 9783527837922, 978-3527837922, B0BKR48XQH

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English | 2022 | PDF

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Authoritative and comprehensive resource  covering foundational knowledge of zinc–air batteries as well as their  practical applications

Zinc–Air Batteries provides a comprehensive understanding of the history and development  of Zn–air batteries, with a systematic overview of components, design,  and device innovation, along with recent advances in the field,  especially with regards to the cathode catalyst design made by  cutting-edge materials, engineering processes, and technologies. 

In  particular, design principles regarding the key components of Zn–air  batteries, ranging from air cathode, to zinc anode, and to electrolyte,  are emphasized. Furthermore, industrial developments of Zn–air batteries  are discussed and emerging new designs of Zn–air batteries are also  introduced. The authors argue that designing advanced Zn–air battery  technologies is important to the realization of efficient energy storage  and conversion—and, going further, eventually holds the key to a  sustainable energy future and a carbon-neutral goal. 

Edited and contributed to by leading professionals and researchers in the field, Zinc–Air Batteries also contains information regarding: 

  •  Design of oxygen reduction catalysts in primary zinc–air batteries,  including precious metals, single-atoms, carbons, and transition metal  oxides
  •  Design of  bifunctional oxygen catalysts in rechargeable zinc–air batteries,  covering specific oxygen redox reactions and catalyst candidates
  •  Design of three-dimensional air cathode in zinc–air batteries, covering  loading of carbon-based and transition metal catalysts, plus design of  the three-phase interface
  •  Design of electrolyte for zinc–air batteries, including liquid  electrolytes (e.g., alkaline) and gel polymer electrolytes (e.g., PVA  hydrogel)

For students, researchers, and  instructors working in battery technologies, materials science, and  electrochemistry, and for industry and government representatives for  decision making associated with energy and transportation, Zinc–Air Batteries summarizes the research results on Zn–air batteries and thereby helps  researchers and developers to implement the technology in practice.